A Guide on How to Sell iPhone 5s Online

If you have an old iPhone 5s that you want to replace with a new iPhone 6, you may want to know how to sell iPhone 5s directly to a buyer. You can only get the most from the sale of your iPhone 5s if you avoid a middle man. Fortunately, there are many ways of doing this. For instance, you can sell your iPhone 5s on Craigslist or via social networks like Twitter and Facebook. Nevertheless, you need to follow certain guidelines to get the best deal and to sell your device quickly.

Be honest

While presenting your device to potential buyers, be honest. Tell them the truth about the condition of the phone. Do not mask flaws of the device or even lie to them. Being honest will save you time, potential confrontations and embarrassment that may arise from telling lies about the device.

Provide correct contact details

It will not be sensible to post an ad for your iPhone 5s and fail to provide contact details that buyers can use to reach you. Including your contact in the ad such as phone number or email address shows potential buyers that you are serious. Therefore, if you are selling your iPhone 5s include a phone number or email address via which potential buyers can reach you.

Emphasize on texting

If you provide a phone number, emphasize that people should text you rather than call. This is very important because it enables you to avoid people who may call you just to ask the obvious. Texting enables you to filter out people who are not serious so that you can deal with serious potential buyers only.

Be friendly but assertive

Perhaps, this is an important tip on how to sell iPhone 5s that you need to master before posting your advert. State your expectations clearly and tell readers that you do not intend to accept low offers. Do this using the best tone possible so that potential buyers can clearly see that you mean business. You might be tested by some people especially if you post the ad for your iPhone 5s on Craigslist. However, do not allow them to make you a pushover.

Avoid trades on Craigslist

Many people will ask you to do trades. Avoid this on Craigslist and accept cash only. To avoid being asked to do trade by some buyers, state this stance clearly in your advert so that buyers can know that trade requests will be ignored.

Include great photos

Even if your post is legitimate, most buyers will look it over if it does not have pictures. Therefore, take great photos of the iPhone 5s that you are selling. Make sure that the pictures show the best aspects of your iPhone 5s. Try to use photos that describe the device in the best way possible. learn more about  them with their sell iphone video :

Meet the buyer at a public place

Avoid inviting a buyer to your home or visit them in their home. Additionally, do not meet the buyer at a shady area. Meet the buyer at a public place to ensure your safety.

Generally, with this knowledge on how to sell iPhone 5s, you can get the best deal for your device even if there is no family member or friend wants to buy your device.


How to Get the Best Deal on Used iPhone 5s for Sale

You can easily find and get a good deal on used iPhone 5s for sale. Such a device can be great for you if you do not want to spend more money purchasing a brand new iPhone. However, it is important that you consider certain factors first to ensure that you are not getting a bad deal.

Be certain about the iPhone model that you want

You will across many models of used iPhones. If you are not completely decided that you want iPhone 5, you might be confused by the high number of the available models. It is therefore important that you take your time to find out more about the features of iPhone 5 and compare them with those of other models. Evaluate the available models based on software, hardware and features. Thjs will enable you to make a more informed decision.

Usage period

Some people sell their iPhones after using them for a few months after buying them. This could be due to something that did not impress them about the device. May be a particular app failed to run on the device. Such an iPhone can be great for you to purchase because it is a new as you would probably get it from a store that sells new iPhones yet you will buy it at a relatively cheaper price. Therefore, try to look for such a phone instead of an iPhone that has been used for a long time.

Battery life

On 3G, an iPhone batter should give you a talk time of 10 hours. However, its recharge cycles are limited after which you have to replace it. It is important that you consider the battery life when looking for used iPhone 5s for sale. This is because there is a reduction in battery capacity as the device approaches the limit of its recharge cycle. Therefore, be careful while purchasing an iPhone that has been in use for over a year unless its seller offers to give you a new battery from the manufacturer.

Condition of the phone

iPhone 5 is usually shiny while new but a used iPhone cannot be in when you purchase it. Expect the device that you buy to have some scratches. However, make sure that the device has not been damaged by water. Also look at the screen to ensure that it is not damaged by dents and scratches. Make sure that the iPhone is in good condition from its screen to speakers and buttons before you pay for it.


Ensure that the iPhone that you are buying will work with your carrier. The best iPhone 5 to buy should be unlocked buy you should confirm its ability to work with your carrier. Also check whether the activation lock is disabled.

Check warranty

A warranty is important because it covers damages and repairs. Check whether the device has an Apple warranty to ensure that some damages and repairs will be covered by the manufacturer.

Generally, there are many used iPhone 5s for sale out there. However, you should buy the best iPhone 5 at the most reasonable price possible.

Tips on How to Sell Used Phones

When you know how to sell used phones, you will never let your old, unwanted phones languish in your drawers and cupboards. This is because you will know how to make extra money by selling your old phones any time. There are many websites that are ready to purchase your old phones that you no longer use. There are also mobile phones manufacturers who offer to buy old mobile phones so that they can recycle them. With all these options, you do not have to let your old phones waste away in the drawers or cupboards. Nevertheless, you need tips to guide you so that you can get the most from your unwanted, old phones.

Compare prices

Before you offer your used phone up for sale, take time to shop around. Find out more about the prices at which other people are selling their used phones. Use websites that allow you to compare prices to determine which the best price to ask for your used device is. Just because you no longer use your old mobile phones does not mean that you should sell it at a throw away price. Therefore, avoid the temptation of accepting the first offer for your used phone. Instead, wait for more bids and offer to sell the device to the highest bidder.

Seek recommendations

You have friends who might be knowledgeable about selling phones online. Ask about their opinion of your used phones before you set their prices. You can also read reviews of people who sell used phones online. Find out what they say about different websites via which you can sell your used phones. Also read reviews that mobile phones recycling companies have written. These will enable you to determine the best price to ask for your used mobile phones as well as the best ways of selling your phones.

Do not accept anything less than the quoted price

If you are selling your used phones to a company, make sure that the price that the company pays is what it quoted initially. If there is a change in price, challenge the company to ensure that you get the best deal on your used phones.

Send the phones properly

If you are selling your used phones to an online mobile phone recycling company, send your used phones to the company properly. For instance, avoid freepost envelops while sending the used phones to the company. Instead, use the recorded delivery while sending the phones. This ensures that the phones can be traced in cases they go missing.

Consider auction sites

Before you decide to sell your used phones to a mobile phone recycling company, take a minute to find out more about the deals that auction sites have to offer. Compare the price at which the used phones that you want to sell are selling at the auction site and what you are getting from the mobile recycling company. This way, you will determine whether you should sell used phones to a mobile phone recycling company or through auction websites.

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How to Get the Best Deal on your iPhone 5s Sale

The iPhone 5s sale price was affected by the announcement of iPhone 6 on September 9. It was from this date that the usual line started forming as shoppers waited for the latest device. The iPhone 6 has a bigger screen, nifty improvements on camera and great display capabilities. The attractions of this device are apparent. However, this does not mean that after the announcement and even the launch of this device its predecessors became obsolete overnight. It does not also mean an immediate drop of the price of iPhone 5s. There are models that kick around years after new models have been introduced. Therefore, if you have an iPhone 5s, do not be worried because this device might not be going anywhere especially with the possibility of troubles in the development of iOS 8 which interfere with cell phone service. The iPhone 6 Plus bendability might also affect the durability of this device.

Who buys iPhone 5s?

There are many people who want to purchase iPhone 5s. They include individuals who liked something about this device. Some people simply like used iPhones instead of the new models. This is because used phones are relatively cheaper. You can also find a person who has been using an iPhone 5s and they want a spare part of their damaged iPhone. Such people can buy a used iPhone 5s to get the spare part that they need for their iPhone and they contribute largely to iPhone 5s sale.

How to sell your iPhone 5s

There are many ways of selling a used iPhone 5s. For instance, you can sell your phone to a friend or family member who might be interested in buying a used phone. You can also use social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. These are effective in selling an iPhone especially if you have a large network of friends or followers.  However, if you will meet the buyer in person, make sure that your meeting is held at a public place.


Trade in your iPhone 5s

There are several companies that will allow you to trade in your iPhone 5s for credit that will enable you to get a new device. However, the large number of such companies can make choosing the firm to trade your device with overwhelming. Some of the companies that will allow you to trade in your device include Apple.With these stores, you can walk in with your old iPhone 5s and come out with a new model. You simply get your iPhone 5s assessed by the employees at the store after which you will be given a quote.

Generally, there are many factors that come into play when you decide to sell your iPhone 5s. It is important that you consider these factors so that you can get the best deal on your iPhone 5S. Nevertheless, do not worry about the effects of iPhone 6 on the iPhone 5s sale because you can still get some money by selling your old iPhone.